Artist & Inspiration

Artist & Inspiration

I am a surface artist/designer from Cape Town with a passion for collecting visual fragments of life and nature on my travels and walkabouts.

Most of my art is inspired by nature and its cycles, symmetry and mysteries.

The material concept of ‘surface design’ is a wonderful marriage of art and technology, as it means my designs can be digitally transferred onto most interior and lifestyle surfaces. I’ve worked with upholstery, wallpaper and covering, wood, metal and fashion fabrics.

In a world where the tools we use to keep us connected have ultimately disconnected us from each other and nature, I believe the artist is called upon to re-sanctify and re-introduce the contextual relationship between things through accessing their origins and reconnecting them.

As a brand the Andrea Brand label is focused on bringing unique, high quality and leading edge contemporary surface designs to the global market. This is coupled with collaborations with local and international service providers and interior designers.

Living Ritual Brochure

"The Living Ritual collection uses nature as an invocation to connect and create."

Traces Brochure

"Everything leaves behind a footprint – a trace – that tells a story to the traveller that comes across it. "

Light Matrix Brochure

"I am firstly an artist. Being a surface designer was a natural transition from my love for colour, texture and ancient cloth traditions..."
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