Living Ritual

The Living Ritual collection uses nature as an invocation to connect and create. The Ripples range was inspired by a fleeting pattern in the sand on an island beach – a moment in time, never to be repeated.


My 2018 collection, called Traces, found its form in the lush beauty and layered depth of an island jungle and in the fascinating life cycle of leaves – growth to decay, and decay feeding growth. There are three ranges within the collection: Jungle, Autumn and Leaf Greens.

Light Matrix

The Light Matrix collection reflects the duality of the world we currently live in – with the narrow edges between the opposite dimensions subtly dissolving into colour. It reflects the transitioning from the old to the new.


The marble collection captures moments in the alchemistic process of oil floating on water and symbolises a connection with the flow of life. It captures a moment in time. The way marble expresses itself in interior spaces eases the introduction of separate singular colours into those spaces.


My visits to India and experiences of the opulence and richness of colour, and how it breathes beauty into the often impoverished surroundings, inspired the India collection. The India collection was really the start of my serious foray into being an artist and a surface designer.


Living Ritual Brochure

"The Living Ritual collection uses nature as an invocation to connect and create."

Traces Brochure

"Everything leaves behind a footprint – a trace – that tells a story to the traveller that comes across it. "

Light Matrix Brochure

"I am firstly an artist. Being a surface designer was a natural transition from my love for colour, texture and ancient cloth traditions..."